Theatre Director and Producer.

This Is The Loudest Moment of Silence (2017)

This is the Loudest Moment of Silence (2017)

Directed by Johan Bark.

London (UK).

This is the loudest moment of silence

This is the Loudest Moment of Silence was an abstract, visual and highly physical dance theatre piece.

The piece drew inspiration from three contrasting elements:

  • The corporeal mime methods of Étienne Decroux.

  • The behavioural patterns of a Supernova (and related astrophysical theories).

  • The syncopated rhythmical structures of Dubstep music.

By drawing inspiration from these three elements as stimuli from which to devise choreographies, scenes, movement scores - as well as the entire dramaturgical arc of the piece, the ensemble gradually moulded the abstract movement piece together.

Through a fusion of stylised movement, text and acting, music, and an ambitious and contemporary lighting design with projections, the theatrical performance art piece became an insight into youthful angst, insecurity, but also hopes, anticipations and dreams.

The audience were put in a position of drawing their own associations and construction of meaning of what was being presented to them in an abstract way.

Holly Franklin
Jasmine Newsome-Stone
Rosaleen Burton.
Silje Helland.
Eva March.

Directed by Johan Bark.
Lighting Design by Perttu Lähdesmäki.
Sound Design by Rhiannon Lawrence.
Stage Management by Lucy Fawthrop.
Lighting Programming by John Piper.

Photos taken by Michael O'Reilly.