Theatre Director and Producer.

I Remember... (2018)

I Remember… (2018)

Directed by Johan Bark.

Dublin (Ireland).


I Remember

An episodical and fragmental piece, with elements of traditional storytelling, which deals with the problematics around damaging alcohol consumption.
How much is too much?

The performance follows three separate nights out, which slowly spirals out of control.
The characters make decisions they will certainly regret the day after.
A neglecting father stays out in the pub, and leaves newborn child and partner at home.
Two brothers lets unsettled disagreements and resentment result in physical violence.
Two exes meet up just to catch up, but gives in to temptation and commits infidelity.

We visit the characters at the beginning of the night, the middle, and at the end.
In juxtaposition to this, autobiographical stories are dramatically told on a microphone, where the audience is given the responsibility to find the connection between the scenes in the background, and the stories in the foreground, themselves.

Devised and performed by:
Leanna Cuttle.
Shane Lennon.
Aidan Crowe.

Direction and Concept by Johan Bark.
Lighting Design by Johann Fitzpatrick.
Sound Design by Johan Bark.
Set Concept by Johann Fitzpatrick and Johan Bark.

Thank you to Louise Lowe, Kevin Smith and the technical team at the Lir Academy.

Photos taken by Wen Driftwood and Tom Maher.