Theatre Director and Producer.

Demons (2018)

Demons (2018)

Written by Lars Norén, and adapted and directed by Johan Bark.

Dublin, Ireland.


Written by Lars Norén.
Directed and adapted by Johan Bark.

An expressionistic drama piece confronting themes around intimacy issues, loss, misogyny, domestic abuse, complacency, trauma, and angst.

On the eve before a funeral, Demons follows two couples who meet up for drinks in an upper-middle class apartment.
As the night progresses, and under the influence of alcohol the characters start projecting their frustrations about their lives towards each other in increasingly surreal and vicious social games.
The 2.5 hour long drama starts seemingly normal, and slowly progresses into dark expressionistic territories.
The play is grotesque, confrontative, provocative, but also contains dark humour and sincerity.

Lars Norén is widely considered to be Sweden’s, if not Scandinavia’s, greatest living playwright since August Strindberg.
Demons is one of his most iconic works, and has been performed in some of the biggest playhouses in Scandinavia and continental Europe.
This first ever English translation by Marita Lindholm Gochman had yet to have been staged before, and made it’s debut under Johan's direction in Dublin, Ireland.

Fionntán Larney.
Zara Devlin.
Kyle Hixon.
Sarah O’Rourke

Direction and Adaptation: Johan Bark.
Translated by Marita Lindholm Gochman.

Set & Costume Design: Stefania Elettra Pantavos
Lighting Design: John Gunning
Sound Design: Michael Stapleton

CSM & Deputy Stage Manager: Leanne Vaughey

APM/TSM: Gary Maguire
Assistant Stage Manager: Marchje Jansen
Chief LX: Emma Russell
Set Construction HOD: Seán Martin
Sound Design Co-ordinator: Laura Rainsford
Costume Supervisor: Sue Crawford
Scenic Artist HOD: Rachel Kivlehan

Photos by Wen Driftwood and Keith Dixon.
Thank you to the staff and the technical team at The Lir Academy.

“Absorbing and thought-provoking on so many levels.” - Thomas Conway, audience member.
“Demons was a deliciously dark evening’s entertainment, artfully directed by Johan Bark” - Ronan Leahy, audience member.
“Dark, rich, tantalising, funny, and deeply ravishing, Demons truly kept me on the edge of my seat. I was completely enthralled and did not blink for fear of missing a beat.” - Emma Reid, audience member, Ireland.