Theatre Director and Producer.

Patterns (2019)

Patterns (2019)

Direction and concept by Johan Bark.

New York, USA.


Direction and Concept by Johan Bark (Sweden).
Set Design by Dorian Šilec Petek (Slovenia).
Lighting Design by Cristian Petru (Romania).

‘Patterns’ was a two hour durational performance installation which explored the juxtaposition of taking two private and intimate scenarios, and displaying them in two aquarium-like boxes during a public gala event. The performers were engaged in intimate and subtle conversations, which in contrast then was picked up by their attached headsets, and broadcasted on speakers outside. The audience were given the sensation of peeking into something private, taboo and closed, yet displayed for their viewing pleasure like lab rats in cages. What does it do to us, when we are invited to study the behavioural patterns of our own species?

The performance was a collaboration of theatre artists from 10 different nations (performance and construction included), during the 2019 International Summer Program at The Watermill Center, New York.

Cesare Trebeschi (Italy).
Ada Dumitru (Romania).
Francesca Keller (USA).
Alexandre Hornbook (Luxembourg).

Technical construction:
Swantje Hinrichs (Germany).
Edoardo Marconi (Italy).
Naja Schønemann (Denmark).

Curated by:
Ivan Cheng (Australia) and Noah Khoshbin (USA).

Technical Director:
Daniel Von Behr (Germany).

Artistic Supervision:
Robert Wilson (USA).

Photos by Maria Baranova, Laura Brichta and Chloe Bellemare, with additional photos by Doug Kuntz and Sean Zanni.

Performed at Tabula Rasa: The 26th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit in Water Mill, New York, USA. The event raised 1.7 million dollars in charity towards the art centre’s year round artistic programs.