Theatre Director and Producer.

P.A.T.S. (2017)

P.A.T.S. (2017)

Co-directed by Johan Bark and Eva March, in collaboration with Yellow Collective (Spain).

London (UK), Paris (France), Birmingham (UK), Sétubal (Portugal).



"P.A.T.S." reflects on the universal sense of love and sex and the paradoxical and dualistic nature of memories going between reality and the doubting of remembered events.
Revealing the human tendency to change and distort the past while at the same time recognising this pattern in order to cope with our present selves. P.A.T.S is a movement based piece which contains elements of performance art and cinematographic effects.

The piece combines texts from classic literature and contemporary linguistics using both Spanish and English.

DIRECTED BY: Johan Bark and Eva March.
TEXT BY: Eva March and Johan Bark.
DESIGN BY: Johan Bark and Eva March.
LIGHTS BY: George Lawton and Eva March.

Photos taken by Michael O'Reilly, and various audience members at the Fly Pit in April 2017.

Originally founded in 2015 in Madrid (Spain), Yellow Collective is a live art and experimental theatre company currently based both in Spain and the UK. We aim to strip away superficial theatricalities to emphasise the relationship between the performer and the audience members through a visually striking and minimalistic aesthetic.
Yellow Collective’s previous production, ‘The Lights’, premiered in January 2016 in PKMÑ theatre (Madrid). The production was selected to be part of “Imparables”, an experimental theatre festival in Spain.