Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

The circle in which the installation was taking place. Photo: Julian Mommert.

Photo: Kristian Kruuser.

A demonstration of one of the sculptures used in the installations. 

Photo: Jack Pavlik.

Zero Sum Sitting in rehearsal. Photo: Jeremy Tran and Kristian Kruuser.

"Zero Sum Sitting".

An installation by Jack Pavlik.
Performed at the Watermill Center, New York, 2015.

In July 2015 Johan performed in the installation "Zero Sum Sitting" during the annual benefit gala at the Watermill Center, New York.

The gala, called "Circus of Stillness - The Power of Wild Beast", raised almost 2 million dollars, and attracted celebrities such as Rufus Wainwright and Brooke Shields. The gala was curated by American theatre director Robert Wilson, who is also the artistic director of the Watermill Center.

Zero Sum Sitting was created by the American sculptor Jack Pavlik and featured actors from France, Australia, Lebanon, USA, Lithuania, Italy and - of course - Sweden.

Christopher Knowles, the writer behind many of the texts in the 1976 opera "Einstein on the Beach", was one of the performers.

Interacting with different sculptures made from ordinary aluminium office chairs, the performers move around in a big circle, creating compositions and images through their interactions.

The installation was later again performed at the Watermill Center's open family day, "Discover Watermill Day", in August 2015.

Link to Jack Pavlik's Vimeo page.

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