Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

“Johan is a confident communicator and an adaptable leader, who adopts patience and diligence into his practise. Tailoring exercises to both challenge, and meet the needs, of each individual performer.” - Arianne Carless, UK.

“I had a great experience working with Johan's rhythmical exploration; where I strengthened my ability to listen to my own impulses at the same time as being part of the ensemble. The best part is that it was explored through movement” -
Silje Helland, Norway.

“Johan’s workshop allowed us to establish an immediate trust that made me feel focused and ready to work. Johan led exercises that were challenging, engaging and fun - he made me excited to work together as an ensemble” - Sarah O’Rourke, USA.

Workshops and Education:

Johan is an active and passionate educator, who facilitates workshops, master classes and lectures in the practices he uses for creating his performances. 

These sessions are inspired by the practices of Jerzy Grotowski and other related physical theatre companies, the methods of renowned american director Robert Wilson, rhythmical exercises, singing and choir exercises, games, acrobatics and yoga. 

This results in fun, energetic and physical exercises, where one exercise flows into another. The participants stay active and on their feet throughout.

The focus is also on ensemble, where the participants work together in groups or in pairs - discovering together. The sessions can be adapted for either actors, musicians, or dancers. The sessions are customised for each customer and/or institution, and they can be purely about the techniques - where Johan coaches actors, musicians and/or dancers to use these methods in their own work - or it can be towards making a showing of a scene, performance and/or choreography.

Contact Johan at to learn more, and to discuss what might be the best option for you, and your institution. 

Feedback from previous participants: 

​"The energy in the room was focused and driven. A lot of the work was rigorously enlightening - there was never a time when we weren't pushed to keep searching” - Chris Mawson, UK. 

“Johan was a pleasure to work with, a mover with real vision, but a natural collaborator. He brought vitality, fun and play to the room.” -
Fionntán Larney, Ireland. 

“I feel this type of practice creates physically and emotionally intelligent performers that can respond well to any given stimuli, with a confidence to bounce and generate new ideas during both rehearsal and performance due to this strong foundation of ensemble training. It creates a trust in performers that is key to generating new and inspiring ideas.” - Holly Franklin, UK.