Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

"This Is The Loudest Moment Of Silence."
Directed and Produced by Johan Bark,

Devised by the ensemble of international theatre makers. 

Performed in The Rose Theatre at Rose Bruford College as a scratch performance, on the 11th of May 2017. 

​Currently in development towards a full-length piece.

This Is The Loudest Moment Of Silence explores what it means to be a product of the Millenial generation, and how we choose to express our uniqueness.

​A generation often overlooked for being naive, over-privileged and with little perspective of reality, whilst being denied the opportunities that the older generations enjoyed. 

This is explored through the perspective of five female theatre makers from different countries and cultures, in order to emphasise diversity and Globalism as positive aspects in this time where Nationalism and Protectionism thrives. 

Through a fusion of movement, text and acting, music (live and recorded), and an ambitious and contemporary lighting design with projections, the theatrical performance art piece strives to give voice to the frustrations, hardships, obstacles - but also the uniqueness, the creativity and the joy - of this generation.


Holly Franklin

Jasmine Newsome-Stone

Rosaleen Burton.

Silje Helland.

Eva March.

Directed and Produced by Johan Bark.

Current Lighting Design and Technical Management by Daniel Spreadborough. 

Original Lighting Design by Perttu Lähdesmäki.

Sound Design by Rhiannon Lawrence. 

Stage Management by Lucy Fawthrop. 

Lighting Programming by John Piper.  

Photos taken by Michael O'Reilly.

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