Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

Trailer for Song of Riots, by VideoFEET.

Production shots by Ashley R. Good.

"Song of Riots".

A theatre performance by Awake Projects.

During the spring of 2013, and later during the spring of 2014, Johan was involved in assisting the international theatre company Awake Projects in the devising and rehearsal process of the show Song of Riots.

This involved particpating in devising and music sessions at Västmanlands Teater and Växhuset (both venues in Västerås, Sweden), as well as assisting the company behind the scenes in sessions at Västmanlands Teater and Växhuset, and the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, UK.

The show premiered at the North Wall Arts Centre in the spring of 2015, and has to date been performed in Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås (Sweden), Stavanger (Norway) and London (UK).

The show was the recipient of the 2015 Stockholm Fringe Festival's Audience Choice Award.

It needs to be noted that Johan has not performed in, or been a major creative collaborator on, this performance. Those credits goes to the amazing cast and production team.

The participants of the 2013 devising session at Västmanlands Teater, Västerås.
Johan is at the bottom left.