Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

Johan has been classically trained as a singer at Carlforsska Gymnasiet and Västerås Kulturskola (Västerås, Sweden).

Johan is a tenor and have sang in bands and choirs since a young age. 

Current productions that Johan occasionally sings in is:

Awake Love Orchestra (2013-present)

Past productions that Johan has sang in includes:

A Gig A Byte (2017)

Kindred Hollow (2015)

Fragments (2014)

Awake Me UP 2014 (2014)

Djurens Brevlåda (2014)

Altogether Now (2013)

Awake Me UP 2013 (2013)

Below is a vocal improvsation by Johan, inspired by the folk chants of the Sami people

(The Native Scandinavian people).

Johan has trained as a musician at Carlfrosska Gymnasiet, Medborgarskolan and Västerås Kulturskola (Västerås, Sweden).

Johan has played in several bands and played music in productions such as:

A Gig A Byte (2017)

Awake Love Orchestra (2013-present)

Awake Me UP 2014 (2014)

Altogether Now (2013)

Awake Me UP 2013 (2013)

Johan has also made use of his musical skills in exercises and games, when leading youth's theatre workshops for theatre company Awake Projects.

Below is a performance by the Awake LOVE Orchestra at Växhuset, Sweden, in 2013.


Johan identifies himself as a singer, musician and a composer.
As a singer Johan has sung in various music ensembles and theatre productions.

As a musician Johan has played in orchestras and for theatre productions.
Johan has also composed, and created in collaboration, songs for theatre and film.

Instruments Johan play are guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, harmonica.

Johan has also trained in basic violin and saxophone.

100 performers singing "Awake Me UP", written by Johan Bark (2014)

With Awake LOVE Orchestra for the Swedish Green Party (2014)

Other productions that Johan has collaborated in creating music is

A Gig A Byte (2017)​,
"Awake LOVE Orchestra" (Awake Projects 2013-present)
"Song of Riots" (Awake Projects, 2015)


the Outreach Projects at the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford (2013 & 2014).


A Gig A Byte  (2017)


The most notable song that Johan has composed is the pop song "Awake Me UP" for the festival perfromances by Awake Projects during the summers of 2013 and 2014.
This song, arranged by Viktor Olsson, was performed, in harmonies, by 300 performers in '13 and 100 performers in '14.

The song, as well as a summary of the 2013 performance, can be seen below.