Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

"Merlin - A Theatrical Fairytale".

Directed and adapted by Johan Bark. 

Written by Ola Wauge, Mustafa Alshihawi and Johan Bark.

Performed in both Swedish and Arabic, with the target audience being families with children in the ages 4-8. 

'Merlin - A Theatrical Fairytale' was performed in October-November 2018 at Växhuset in Västerås, Sweden. The performance is currently available for touring and is especially suited libraries, schools, youth centres and smaller theatres. 

Contact Johan at for more info. 

The project aims to be a means of integration and mutual understanding between children and families with immigration, and Arabic, backgrounds, and families native to Sweden. 

The performance is therefore performed simultaneously in both languages by a Swedish, and a Syrian, actor. 

Through physical storytelling, music, movement, colourful props and scenography, the performance aims to bring the children, and the other family members, of both backgrounds closer together through the magic of theatre. 

Mustafa Alshihawi.
Marie Sundin. 

Direction and Adaptation: Johan Bark.
Written by Ola Wauge, Mustafa Alshihawi and Johan Bark.

Scenography and Costume Design: Johan Bark.

Additional Dramaturgy by Johan Bark. 

Produced by Växhuset, Awake Projects, and Johan Bark. 

Photos by Joel Sundin.

Video shot and edited for promotional purposes by Johan Bark.

Thank you to Västerås Kulturskola for rehearsal space, and the staff at Växhuset, with Jonas Bresser in particular.