Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

"Kindred Hollow".

An immersive theatre piece by Rebecca Murley and Becky Hutt.
Performed at the Rose Bruford College Symposium, London, 2015.

In April 2015 Johan performed in the immersive theatre piece "Kindred Hollow". The audience got led into a forest landscape, full with shadows and magical creatures. 

The performers were wearing animal skull masks, and interacted with the audience through song and movement.

The international cast featured performers from Poland, Sweden and the UK.

"We do not have to journey long in the forest to feel as if we are dwindling into a boundless realm. Time stops. We no longer know where we are going, we no longer know where we are. A familiar feeling taps us on the shoulder like an old friend, it tip toes into our souls and our childish spirit ignites. We are ready for adventure.
Go to the trees, their echoes will be your guide. Watch with curious eyes. Tread carefully. Take in the hum of the forest. Breathe. Not all those that wander are lost."

Rebecca Louise Murley - Director
Rebecca Tymms - Director
Carrie Hitchman - Production Manager
Zoe Scaddan - Scenic Artist 
Emily Hackett - Scenic Artist 
Toastie Luckett - Mask Maker
Jack Walder - Lighting Designer 
Amber Harding - Costume Supervisor
Sorcha Corcoran - Designer

All photos taken by Michael O'Reilly.