Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

"Impro Bossa Nova".

An improvised physical theatre performance

directed by Finlay McFarlane.
Performed at the Rose Theatre, Rose Bruford College, London, 2015.

A physical theatre performance, inspired by the improvisational structures of Bossa Nova, and the concept of Immediacy.

The performance was performed in the circular 330 seat, Rose Theatre.

The performers had nothing but each other to use as inspiration when movement scores, and compositions in the space, emerged.

Directed by Finlay McFarlane, of Theatre Kinaesthetic.

Cast: Josh Spriggs, Becca Murley, James Francis & Johan Bark.

Lighting Design: Daniel Spreadborough.
Sound Design: Alex Tift.
CLC: Rhea Jacques.
Stage Management: Ella Stewart.
Special Thanks to: Ashley Jones.

All photos taken by Michael O'Reilly.