Rehearsals of Awake Me UP 2014 at Växhuset, CuLTUREN and Stadshotellet, Västerås.

"Awake Me UP 2014".

A festival performance directed by Christopher Sivertsen of Awake Projects.
Performed at the Västerås City Festival, Västerås, Sweden, 2014.

Starting in the autumn of 2013, Johan was involved in the production of the festival performance Awake Me UP 2014, which was performed at the Västerås City Festival in June 2014.

The performance brought 100 dancers, acrobats, musicians, singers and actors of all ages together in a huge colourful performance at the city's main square.

The show was directed by Christopher Sivertsen of the international theatre company Awake Projects. The company was also in charge of the production of the show.

The shows theme was the UN's Declaration of Human Rights, which special emphasis on Women's Right.

Throughout the process, Johan was involved in marketing, social media and planning of the show, as well as helping to organise the rehearsals and the technical aspects. Johan was also in charge of the filming of the show, in collaboration with filmmaker David Kristersson.

Johan also performed, and played music, in the show itself.

Johan is also the writer of the official Awake Me UP-song, which was sang by all the 100 performers in the closing number.

Press about Awake Me UP 2014 (Swedish).

Awake Project's website.

Below is a video of the show, edited by Johan, and filmed by David Kristersson.

Show summary.

Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

Trailer by Martin Bohm.