Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

As a former centre assistant, and recurring participant, Johan has a good knowledge of the centre and grounds, and was tasked to coordinate and delegate major tasks to the other participants throughout the program. Photo by Chloe Bellamere.

​"Project Assistant at "The International Summer
Program 2018".

At the Watermill Center, New York, USA.
Led by theatre director Robert Wilson and his collaborators.

For the fourth summer in a row, Johan was invited to be part of the International Summer Program at the Watermill Center, on Long Island, New York, USA.
The program, which is founded and led by the renowned theatre and opera director Robert Wilson and his collaborators, 
invites over 80 artists from 30 different countries to work at the center.

​The experience includes the meeting between artists of different disciplines, cultures and ages, learning from Robert Wilson and his collaborators in various workshops, preparing for the various gala events at the centre, rehearsing and building installations, and participating in various artistic landscaping projects on the Watermill Center grounds. 

Each year, Johan has taken on increasingly more responsibilities, and this year was no exception. Johan was tasked to delegate and coordinate the participants through various tasks and projects throughout the summer, and worked directly under Robert Wilson's direction and supervision during the closing of the program. This entitled project management, art handling, demolition of temporary installations, and coordination of staff and participants. 

More information about the Watermill Center can be found HERE.

A video about the Annual Benefit Gala can be found HERE.

Johan was, together with Slovenian director Dorian Šilec Petek, given the trust to delegate the practical closing of the program, working directly under Robert Wilson. Here, Johan is taking apart an artist's installation. Photo by Laura Brichta.

The annual Watermill Center benefit gala was this year a 25 year anniversary, called 'Time Bomb'. Johan had major responsibilities during the preparations for this gala, and also performed at it. Photo by Maria Baranova.

Johan performs in 'Domestic Science', directed by Taiwanese director Baboo Liao  at the Annual Benefit Gala for gala audience members such as renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic.

 Photo: Maria Baranova.

One of the many staging workshops led by Robert Wilson, for upcoming theatre productions. 
​Photo: Chloe Bellamere

World-renowned theatre director Robert Wilson (right) and Johan. 

 Photo by Laura Brichta.