Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

​"Centre Assistant & "The International Summer
Program 2017".

At the Watermill Center, New York, USA.
Led by theatre director Robert Wilson and his collaborators.

For the duration of June 2017, Johan worked as the centre assistant at
​the Watermill Center, working closely with the centre manager and the 
director of the centre.
​The work included helping with the Artist-In-Residency Programs, the various arts and charity events happening at the centre, as well as managing the building and its operations on a daily basis.

​Following this, in July, Johan participated in the

2017 International Summer Program at the Watermill Center.

The Program, which is run by renowned theatre director Robert Wilson,

invites over 80 artists from 30 different countries to work at the center.

During the program, Johan assisted Robert Wilson in various landscaping and archiving projects, as well as participating in the annual Sackler Conference, and performing at the Annual Benefit Gala (Fly into the Sun). 

​Due to Johan's experience, and previous job as the centre assistant, Johan was given more responsibility than previous years, delegating complex tasks under direction of French director Charles Chemin. 

More information about the Watermill Center can be found HERE.

A video about the Annual Benefit Gala can be found HERE.

Johan and director-designer Carlos Soto taking down Robert Wilson's directing notes. Photo: Lovis Ostenrik.

As centre assistant, Johan had a good knowledge of the centre and grounds, to bring into the work on the International Summer Program.  Photo by Chloe Bellamere.

Slovenian director Dorian Šilec Petek (left), French director Charles Chemin (center) and Johan (right) plans the day ahead after a morning meeting. Photo by Maria Baranova.

The Watermill Center, by Lovis Ostenrik.

Johan (blue dress) performs a movement piece at the Annual Benefit Gala for audience members such as Robert Downey Jr, and Laurie Anderson.

 Photo: Maria Baranova.

World-renowned theatre director Robert Wilson (centre) in a meeting that Johan partook in (Further to the right).  Photo by Lovis Ostenrik.

Johan (on the chair to the farthest left) in a performance directed by Robert Wilson.
​Photo: Lovis Ostenrik.