Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

The Watermill Center, by Lovis Ostenrik.

"As We Lay Dying" with the Bruce High Quality Foundation, at the Annual Benefit Gala. Photo by Lovis Ostenrik.

"The International Summer Program 2016".

At the Watermill Center, New York, USA.
Led by theatre director Robert Wilson and his collaborators.

For seven weeks during the summer of 2016, Johan participated in the

International Summer Program at the Watermill Center.

The Program, which is run by renowned theatre director Robert Wilson,

invites over 80 artists from 30 different countries to work at the center.

During the program, Johan assisted Robert Wilson in various landscaping and archiving projects, as well as working at a conference, and performing at the Annual Benefit Gala (FADA: House of Madness) and the Family Open Day.

During the program Johan particpated in workshops with Robert Wilson, and his collaborators. Johan participated in a workshop for the newly opened Theatre Museum in Stockholm, and the "Oedipus Rex"-workshop, a theatre show to be premiered at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy.

Johan also attended seminars, part of the Scaler Lecture Series,  with, for example, Syrian composer Kinan Azmeh and Dr. Cornel West.

Throughout the program Johan worked as an assistant, having greater responsibilities than during his participation in the 2015 Summer Program.

More information about the Watermill Center can be found HERE.

A video about the Annual Benefit Gala can be found HERE.

Johan, as part of the "Angels of the Apocalypse"-installation, by Jacques Reynaud, at the ​Discover Watermill Day. Photo by Lovis Ostenrik.

Johan in a workshop with Robert Wilson, for the Stockholm Theatre Museum.
​Photo: Jacques-Henri Heim.

Johan participating in rehearsals for the Gala. Photo: Jacques-Henri Heim.

Johan, Casilda Madrazo and Rodrigo Boecker, in a collaborative showing. Photo: Lovis Ostenrik.