Rehearsals of Awake Me UP 2013 at Klövernhallen, Västerås.

Linnéa Pettersson

Trailer by VideoFEET.

A 3-minute summary of the show.

"Awake Me UP 2013".

A huge festival performance directed by Christopher Sivertsen of Awake Projects.
Performed at the Västerås City Festival, Västerås, Sweden, 2013.

Part of the producing team (as coordinator) for the international theatre company Awake Project's festival performance Awake Me UP 2013, which brought 300 young performers from different artistic disciplines together. The 300 actors, musicians, acrobats, dancers and singers performed the big performance at the main square in Västerås, Sweden.

The performance was described by the local newspaper as a “colorful culture bomb”.

As a coordinator Johan's job was to be the communicative link between the director and the 300 performers, creating schedules, maintaining email contact and being the contact person during rehearsal periods.

As well as this, Johan was closely involved with the director, in the creative process.

Johan was also working with the technicians, and filmmakers that documented the process.

Furthermore, Johan was in charge of the live-streaming project that streamed the show on two huge LED-screens and on 5 local cinemas around the county.

Johan was also in charge of the social media for the project, as well as organising the trailer and flashmobs as advertisements for the show.

Johan also performed in the show, singing the Awake Me UP-song together with the other 300 performers.

The Awake Me UP-song is also written by Johan.

The show had an estimated audience of 3000 people.

Press about Awake Me UP 2013 (in Swedish).

Awake Projects website.

Below is a documentary about the process, a summary of the show and the trailer for the show. The two former videos are edited by Johan, the latter by VideoFEET.

A documentary of the rehearsals (SWEDISH).

Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

Linnéa Pettersson