Director, Producer, Educator, Performer and Musician.

Current and upcoming projects:​

July 2018: 

Johan will direct a full-length, public theatre production of Lars Norén's Demons ​with the third year acting students of the Lir Academy in Dublin, Ireland, as part of his final assessment for his Masters in Fine Arts degree. Tickets can be found HERE:

July-August 2018:

​Johan will participate in the 2018 International Summer Program at the Watermill Center, New York, led by renowned American theatre director Robert Wilson, and his collaborators. 

August-October 2018:
Johan will act as the assistant director for Dritëro Kasapi's production of De Skyddssökande at Stadsteatern, Stockholm. 
​To premiere on the 18th of October. 

October-November 2018:

Johan will direct the children's theatre show Merlin - A Theatrical Fairytale, and then be the assistant director for Lady of the Lake - both for theatre company ​Awake Projects in Västerås, Sweden.

Autumn 2018: 
Johan will finish his Masters in Fine Arts studies in Theatre Directing at the Lir Academy, part of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.


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